Our Story

If you’re reading this, you probably share some level of nostalgia or love for pinball and classic arcade games. That love, for us, started back in the 1980’s. We, Robert & Denise Brooks, spent a good portion of our youth playing games at the arcade at the local putt-putt. And that didn’t stop when we got older! 

We began collecting pinball machines for our home -putting a machine in any room where space would allow. Eventually this led  to us helping others build their “gameroom” collections as well as providing  machines for some of our local breweries. Little did we know that those cherished memories would become the foundation of our business—The Pinball Gameroom.

Our goal, since the beginning, has always been to offer you exceptional service every step of the process. From hunting down your favorite pinball or arcade machine, to making sure it finds its way to you safe and sound—we’re here for you!

“Must follow passion. Man who works for passion is always richer than man who works for money.”  Mr. Miyagi 


The Pinball Hunters

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Giving Back

The Pinball Gameroom, LLC commits 5% of profits to Child’s Play Charity.